Academic Year
107 林雨青 There is no accident in life. When I look back, I was already passionate about Taiwan culture in high school. Though I was educated in English Literature and subsequently in business management, I didn’t really forget that yearning for culture even though I have spent most of my professional career in various sales role in electronic industry and travel industry. My main focus for research then is the symbolic representation of spirituality in Taiwan culture. Personally, I am attracted to ideas beyond matter and reality. Taiwan offers a wide range of spiritual thoughts and demonstrates corresponding behaviors. More than that, I believe each individual can not only merely survive but thrive in this world by developing his or her passion. Learning, researching and teaching different schools of spirituality such as Seth and Kryon ideas are my true passion. But at this phase of my life, I turn to this “International PhD program in Taiwan and Transcultural Studies” as it can advance my logical thinking and research methods. By the end of formal academic training, I expect to consolidate the spiritual thoughts in which I’ve been interested into a coherent idea system. Thus, I can continually ignite my passion and make a sustainable living in education profession.
107 沈鵬
Pattarapong Kongwattana
My name is Pattarapong Kongwattana, a Thai PhD student in this international Program.  Despite the dedication to Critical Theory after receiving Master’s degree in Chinese Language and Philology from Beijing Normal University in China, I also have a keen interest in Sinophone literature and film studies. In order to develop my research skills, I applied Ecofeminism and Film Theory to interpret the animation, Moana. The article “Moana (2016): negotiating patriarchy from ecofeminist perspective” which was published in a Thai academic journal this year was one of the successes of my self-study process. Besides, I still have great enthusiasm for Chinese Science Fiction. During my PhD study, I focus on applying Posthumanism and Ecocriticism Theory to study Mainland China’s and Taiwan’s Science Fictions since 2000. I also strongly believe that studying “Chinese” science discourse in literature not only makes us understand the national identity but also paves the way for exploring the movement of thoughts that how “Chinese” people think of the globe and the Earth.
107 狄愷誠
Diego Caicedo
I have been travelling around the world for the past 15 years. I moved in between 4 continents constantly, in this journey, if I liked a place I would try to settle there until it felt right. Sometimes I would stay in a place  months and sometimes several years, being Melbourne (Australia), Bogotá (Colombia) and Taipei (Taiwan) the places where I spent most of the time and where I developed most of my academic and artistic projects. My bachelor degree is in communications and media (advertising and journalism), I have diplomas in film, photography, printing and a master of arts.  Currently, I have been given the opportunity to develop my research in dark tourism and difficult cultural heritage sites at the International PhD Program in Taiwan and Transcultural Studies at NCHU, where I am looking forward to make a contribution to  the field.
106 丁興蘭
Lan Jung
My name is Lan Jung, born in Seoul, South Korea, love Taiwan and have lived here with family for several years. I studied nursing in West Texas A&M U., and completed my master degree in Chinese Culture University.  I like to teach Korean and to learn global cultural aspects.  In addition, I like to share my travel experiences and point of view in transcultural.
Current job:
1. National Chung Hsing University, Language Center, Instructor.
2. National Chinyi Tech University, Language Center, Instructor.
3. Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Instructor.
Past experiences: (also as Korean instructor)
National Taichung University of Science and Technology, National Taichung University of Education, Asia University.
Social activities:
1. Taichung Korea Asian Cultural Interchange Association, President 2013~2015.
2. YMCA charity, Christian Church events, and Volunteer workers.
106 李嬑蒨
Lee, I-Chien
Persisting in carrying out the plan of future is my habit. To reach the goal, I always try my best through carefully mapping out the schedule with a hope that life will go as expected. Keep being an optimistic and responsible person, and try to do the best, I firmly believe that life is a perpetual surprise. Everyone has his/her position, and will get his/her beautiful future.
In the process of studying in the university, in addition to the relevant courses in the philosophy, I also took courses on cultural studies, such as female literature and gender studies, which enlightened my initial understanding of cultural studies. Now I am learning a new language- French since 2013. In the process of learning foreign languages, I understand the characteristics of the language and its cultural background, which is also a kind of cross-culture exchanges. Through different language study, it can be easily seen that the culture effects on different country.
Learning new knowledge, then practicing in my daily life are always my life values. Caring for many international issues and utilizing the theories for living are important. For the future, it must be hard with many challenges, but I really enjoy in the process of overcoming the obstacles and completing the tasks.
105 吳爾夫 Not until I studied in Tunghai University did I have a chance to visite the big city in 1991. I was born and raised in a quite small village where my parents have been farming for more than fifty years, much to the toil of be farming, my two the other siblings studied very hard to get a chance leaving away from home. I also got an opportunity to attend Tunghai University when I was eighteen.
 My family and I started a bit tough but sweet life in this new country, Australia, in 2007. At beginning of new life in Australia, we focused on exploring the culture in this country. My wife, Fyon, went back to school for her Masters of Asian Study; my mission was to take good care of Zavier ‘s study in kindergarten. Not before long, I registered in coursework of International Relations of Griffith University and got a degree one year after. We spent approximately 3 years in Australia, then we moved back to Taiwan after I believed my family got what value we should hold tightly for now and future- love and being together.
I founded Wolf International Education Company one year after coming home in 2008. This company has been not only delighting students’ English learning attitude and motivation, but promoting the chance of multi-culture communication. I successfully invite professionals from different countries to communicate with young students through various programme, such as exchange students, distance meeting, international forums.
For earning more education resources, in 2014, I ran a campaign of Yunlin County council. I failed to win the seat of the council but the election sent me to realize how important to continuously fight for students from contryside schools.
105 張庭魁 Taiwan inherent culture diversity since its location as gateway, so should be face to multiculturalism inevitable. When different culture interact each other could be result in positive or negative, and the results depend on how we deal with multiculturalism issues. We may obtain another country experience who ever met multiculturalism issues. Especially, we can focus on East-Asia who experienced post-colonial society in the same situation with Taiwan alike, also observed those countries who face and deal with culture diversity in early time. Theses experience may become knowledge to help Taiwan deal with multiculturalism issues by more tolerance and peace way along with progress finally.
 As a public servant, I try to find out a way to promote harmonious cultural interact environment, and wish to apply to my cultural administration related project. To enrolled PhD program in Taiwan and Transcultural Studies, National Chung Hsing University inspired me to discovered new world in cultural study. I enjoyed the benefits of several teacher’s inspiration because their plenty knowledge and wide learning. However, I still struggled with my poor English and appreciated my sweet teachers, classmates to tolerate my clumsy English ability. 
105 黎宗裕
Theodoor Richard
Being a Dutchman and having lived in Taiwan for several years, I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to enter the International PhD Program in Taiwan and Transcultural Studies and pursue my academic interests here at NCHU. As set out in my study plan, with my research I hope to contribute to the discussion on the issue of acculturation. Looking for a scientific structure and theoretical framework for my own experience of acculturation in Taiwan, I want to bring a project into the program that is mostly a longitudinal, qualitative self-narrative study set against the backdrop of acculturation theory.
104  凃秀蓮 Having great interests in cultural issues, I expect myself to devote to Taiwan and transnational studies. Graduated from MSc Education at the University of Edinburgh, I have been teaching English as a second language for a decade. Knowing a language is not merely a tool to convey messages but to transmit certain cultural concepts, I know I have to equip with more cultural literacy to apply in my class. Born and growing up in Taiwan, I always have a strong sense of responsibility to promote Taiwanese culture. Through the PhD Program of Taiwan and Transcultural Studies, I hope I can present the depth and width of Taiwan beauty to the world.
103  施勇廷 Having enrolled in the PhD Program of Taiwan and Transcultural Studies at Chung Hsing University, I am more than glad to attend this program to rekindle my passion for research, which enables me to delve back into cultural studies and historical texts in Taiwan. Graduated from English Department with a minor in History at National Taiwan Normal University and then the MA Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Tunghai University, I am enthusiastic about the instruction of language and culture and transcultural studies in Taiwan. So far, I have been making an attempt to apply what I have learned in this program to critique the current curriculum guidelines for language and culture in high school. Besides, I have been trying to integrate the introductions of cultural studies and ecocritical perspectives into the English courses for high school students in Taiwan. 
103  胡若安
Reinhard Straub
An inherited love for music and an acquired addiction to Chinese languages and characters have informed the better part of my private and academic life.  Baroque and Renaissance music, rock'n'roll and punk, among others, have been important through different stages, but it is lam-koan (南管 nanguan) music and drama in contemporary Taiwan that have been at the center of my academic pursuit since 2009.  I am particularly interested in the experience of music making and how it relates to identity questions entangled with gender, class, and notions of ethnicity.

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